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bravery. My father said that he left you In the
teepee with the gunpowder and the ball In your
gun, to see what you would do. You had been
brave enough to give your life for your brother;
and when he saw that you would fight even
though you would die for it, he said that you were
too brave to kill It Is a law among the Blackfeet
that a person must give his own life to save that of
a relative. You did that, Carry-the-Kettle, brave
warrior and chief of all the Assiniboines.'

Chief Niokskatas went back and talked for a
moment among the Blackfoot chiefs. Then he
stood up again and said:

'If my father were here,1 know what he would
do: he would want to give you his name, Niok-
skatas, the highest name in the Blackfoot nation.
You have a son with you. We, the Blackfeet, are
going to bestow that name on your son; for even
the Blackfeet do not believe that they could make
better the name which you5 yourself, bear and
which you have made illustrious among all tribes
of these plains/

*Hanh~h-h-h~h~h-h' came the deep, nasal grunt
from all the Assiniboines, as they smiled and
looked at one another with pleasure written over
their features. It was plainly evident that they
were deeply pleased and somewhat moved by this
Blackfoot gesture of friendliness.

Chief Carry-the-Kettle's son, living on the